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Greendale Fire Chief Shannon Craig was called to a fire in the parking lot of the Greendale Hotel on the corner of South Main Street and West Main Avenue. We commend the swift response of firefighters, police and firefighters from across the city.

Police Chief Craig identified the source of the fire alarm as Room 318, where narcotics were found within sight. Inside the room, investigators found a partially burned marijuana cigarette with an orange lid that was believed to contain heroin. Several syringes were loaded with a brown liquid, and a plastic bag containing an unknown amount of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and other narcotics was found.

After a search warrant, officers found a green plant - similar to a pound of marijuana. Fluegeman was searched at the law enforcement center, where a small amount of marijuana, marijuana paraphernalia and a marijuana cigarette were found in his pants. The toilet paper, which was about the size of a paper towel and about 1 / 2 inch thick, was so wet it looked like dried blood, according to police.

The investigation revealed that a person identified as Daniel Widener was involved in the distribution and trafficking of methamphetamine.

Widener and Burton are charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession with intent to distribute drugs and possession of paraphernalia. Billingsley is responsible for owning a game plan In addition to those charges, he also faces charges of resisting arrest and handling a firearm in violation of Indiana's criminal procedure code. Fluegeman is charged with possession and sale of controlled substances and trafficking in controlled substances. Control of the substance and possession with intent to control the substance or control substance, and two counts of distribution of the controlled substance to a minor and one count of conspiracy.

Officers later learned that hotel manager Ron Burton had taken people to Brashears and Widener's rooms to buy drugs, according to the affidavit.

I also called the hotel and learned that Ron was away for the day and would be back at 3pm on Monday and that I would have to call him to get there. I booked my stay on Priceline and said that after I called their company number they took everything out of my hands and I had to deal with them. They told me he had been away all day, he would have to contact Pricelines to get me a full refund, but I now need a deal.

The fact that I paid $168 for a hotel for one night and had to call to get toilet paper is ridiculous., in partnership with Booking. Com, did a great job and offered you an overnight stay by showing you what a hotel room should look like. Located in Dearborn County, Indiana in the United States, this is one of the most popular hotels in the area. Its geographical coordinates are: West - West (original name diacritical) isbes Greendale and East - East is the location of its original address.

I called customer services and they noted my name and number and said I would call the GM (Ron) as soon as he came back to me. They said there was nothing wrong with my room, but they also said there was no reason for it. I made a comment about my service dog and was told Ron would turn me into a report that disputed my claim that it was a pet-friendly hotel. He explained how busy it was, explaining that this was due to the fact that it was one of the most popular hotels in the area, not his service dogs.

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More About Greendale